Final Post

11 Apr

Alright so for my final post I am going to tell you about a few things that I liked and or didn’t like about the course.

Well firstly I am surprised at how many corporations don’t have a social media strategy in place. For example I just started working for a company who owns one of the malls here in London. They don’t have a social media strategy, they are planning on launching it this week. However, they haven’t begun to discuss the ideas of who is going to be constantly updating. They are first implementing Facebook and then moving on from there. I told them that I took this course and have a ton of experience with social media and would love to maintain the page. But they think that it will just be simple and someone can go on once a week to update and or respond to things. However it is for that reason i think their Facebook will fail dramatically. They also didn’t know that you can link Facebook to twitter. It is really frustrating knowing all of these things and not being able to share and put into practice what I know.

But there are other organizations like Starbucks who are doing it right. Good job starbucks.


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