Week 10 …The Cloud

28 Mar

Alright here we go.

My professor in my podcasting class uses a could as her way to show lecture notes. The other week she sent out the link for the entire class to see the slides, however, the login had to be hers. I don’t know what other people think but I think that working through the cloud is difficult because of privacy. Yes my prof can access her information anywhere but what if someone gets her login and its no longer secure. That is just for a professor, what if your a large company and someone manages to hack in and take all of the ideas that have been processed.

The internet isn’t secure. My roommate got a failing grade because she sent a report to her professor through a non secure e-mail. What she is supposed to do is go to a certain computer lab on campus and then send her professor her assignments through her uwo e-mail and even that isn’t secure. SHE FAILED the class because it was patient information and it wasn’t considered a secure site.

I think that while nothing is secure on the internet, not even the could, that if you want to share information that needs to stay secure, it is best to keep the information off the interweb. And if it is completely necessary, use an inter company email.


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