Week 9

20 Mar

So this week we talked about tagging in organizations and how it can be useful. I think that it is really limited by the organizations creativity. In my first essay I pointed out that VW used tagging in one of their Twitter campaigns in Brazil. The car company went from lower on the Twitter totem pole to the TOP of the Twitter world in Brazil due to their campaign. What they did was use Twitter and mashed it together with an interactive Google map that would zoom in more every time that the brand VW was Tweeted. Each time it zoomed the location of tickets for a massive concert sponsored by VW were zoomed in on and this happened with 12 different locations. I think that this was incredibly creative and very intelligent of VW to make the contest interactive. Not only did they become the most talked about, and it was a way of free advertising, but they managed to get a lot of involvement through “word of mouth.”

For myself I have experimented with tagging. I had a blog that I wanted to become well know, and adding tags to the posts made it more searchable on google! Here is my blog (its from 2009) Citizen 19 If you look at the first post on Gummy Bear Cupcakes you will notice that I added a lot of tags. Now if you go to google images and type in “Laura Daniel” my cupcakes for Gummy Bear Cupcakes is on the first page! How exciting. I always thought that if I could get on the first page of google or google images I would have done something outstanding. From this blog I managed to gain 11 000 followers from countries all around the world, and all in 4 short months. What a crazy thing that tagging can do. At the time when I made my blog there was a lot about Western and there was a lot of hype about cupcakes at the time. Because of the cupcake craze that was going on I also reached out to other cupcake blogs and said if you link me I will link you. This way I also gathered a lot of traffic. On top of that traffic, at one point when you typed in cupcake my butterfly cupcake managed to be on the front page of google images. While over time it did get farther and farther down the images page it was still a great accomplishment for myself and I was rather proud that tagging made me more searchable.

Companies can use tagging in so many ways to gain much needed following. It creates a persona where they become more searchable when it comes to google. Over all I would say that tagging is something that isn’t hard for a company to do and adds so much more to every post.




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