Week 8: Microblogging – Twitter newbee.

13 Mar

I believe it was last week that I signed up for Twitter. Not being the Twitter type of person I was reluctant to sign up for it. I don’t like doing microblogging as it were called because the part that gets a bad rap “I ate cereal for breakfast” is not really something I am interested in .

What can microblogging do for corporations?

Microblogging can provide information to consumers about upcoming products. It can also be a source of communication between the company and consumer. This can also be a place for the company to boast about what they’re doing in the community and world wide. There are a lot of things that a company can do through microblogging to get the word out rather than writing a long post on a blog or on their website. A microblog has the luxury of being informal. If a company posts on their website that they have a new product coming out, it isn’t the same as a quick tweet about it.

Personally I don’t post anything on microblogging sites, like I said I signed up for one the other week, but haven’t posted anything. What i do instead is follow other people or organizations to find out what is going on in the world. Currently I am following a few sports teams, so that when the game is on and I am busy I don’t have to be watching but I can rather go to Twitter and find out who did what during the game. The London Knights also do this for their hockey games, they post who scores and who made a good play. Its actually pretty cool that local city teams are getting into the spirit of microblogging. I find that a lot of their followers get really into the following. Like on of my friends checks his Twitter feed on a regular basis during hockey games just so that he knows who is winning. This mode of information is more up to date and can be done on the fly which is what the consumer really wants. I want my information as its happening, I don’t want to wait for the news papers to have to tell me whats going on the next day!

Thats me on Microblogging.


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