Week 7: Social networking

5 Mar

Alright so this week we learned about the vast number of social networking site. There was a site posted that is a breakdown of social networking site from 2010.

While this photo may be old, it isn’t obsolete by any means. In today’s society we are all still very Facebook, twitter, and flickr, there aren’t many sites that I have heard of besides pinterest that have been sweeping the social media seen on the web. I personally have Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn and Pinterest. I don’t find the need to have much more, these sites encompass everything that I think should be on the internet. For an organization I believe that they should have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a LinkedIn profile. They should have Facebook so that they can be where everyone is, they can get and give feedback, run contests, and let people know about upcoming events. They should have a Twitter account to give quick information that would be helpful to the customers. The LinkedIn profile should have professional information about the organization with links to the top people in the company, as well as new job postings.

This week’s assignment I had to make an account on a social media site that I didn’t have previously. I decided that since I didn’t have a Twitter account I should make one. For starters it wasn’t hard to sign up for but to be honest it isn’t for me. A lot of the people that I would follow or would follow me would have the post “I just ate breakfast” and this isn’t something I am interested in. Personal use and corporation use of social media are completely different but the two definitely depend on the other.

Until next week


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