Week 5 Mash-Ups

14 Feb

Okay so this week we talked about mash-ups, which I do really love, as well as non-text content. I enjoy pictures. This week the task was to edit google maps, which I did. I added “The Works Gourmet Burger” place to the map at 145 King Street London Ontario. This is my favorite place to eat so I thought I would share it. I added the actual restaurant to the map because I noticed it wasn’t there. I added the address, the phone number, website, and a brief description. This wasn’t hard to do at all, it was actually very straight forward… I also found a place to add photos which would be really cool if I actually did have a photo of the place. Okay so very straight forward.

I didn’t do the optional task this week and I will explain. I have never had good luck with my site on the UWO domain, I have tried to set it up several times, as well as going into IT to try and deal with the issues but it has never worked out, hence me saving my frustration.

My favorite mash-up to date is Pinterest, as I know it was talked about in the recent class chat. The best part about it is that you can keep all of your favorite things in one spot. I have a board where I planned my whole wedding, not that I am getting married anytime soon, but at least its all planned out! I also have things planned for my non existent house. I enjoy being able to capture things that people put on the internet and put them in my own space to save for later.

Until next week, I will mash-up some more things, maybe potatoes.


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