Week 4 Wikis

7 Feb

This week I got to thinking a lot about wikis. Not only because I had to for class and discussions but because of the office that I work in. A wiki would be a lot more convenient as a means of group conversation. Meetings are one thing but constantly sending replies to people becomes tedious. The only down side I can see to a wiki is that someone would take away everyone else’s ideas and and dominating the project.

What Wiki’s in Plain English tells us is that a wiki is a collaborative space for people to edit and save information on a certain topic. Wikipedia is the worlds largest encyclopedia and acts as the mecca of information on the internet. One important thing to note about Wikipedia is that some of the pages have been cut off from public editing. The reason for this is because constant incorrect or slanderous material being saved to a page. Nickleback is the site that I know about that has been cut off to public editing.

Another notable thing about Wikipedia is that there are experts who are constantly searching through content to make sure that everything is correct. It is also interesting the number of times that a site can be updated in one day. Not even a day, sometimes there are pages that are updated within hours.

Libraries could create a community wiki that would be a one-stop-shop for community information which is what Farkas says in her article.

The way that a library could step out of the typical “library” functional idea is that they could use the library as a forum for people in that hamlet of the city to inform them about what is happening, where things are located, and new events. I know that there is a need for this however, I also know that each city usually has a site that they can use to find out information so it may be a redundant function.

My personal view of wiki’s is that they are great for group collaboration. However, I don’t personally use them – other than wikipedia to find quick information.


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