Week 2 Web 2.0

24 Jan

I think that we all use the 2.0 technologies of the web that not only allow us to integrate our thoughts on the internet but respond to thoughts of others. Where before we were merely consumers, now we are the generators.

I use Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, I used to have MySpace, and my new favorite site is Pinterest. Pinterest is a site where you can post anything from the website to your very own section of a site and have other people be able to pin it to their own boards. This is such a great social media website that definitely harnesses the web 2.0 interface of interaction on the internet.

With Web 2.0 I was discussing on the board this week that companies are now highering people to do their online interactions for them. One thing that I saw today was a friend post a photo on their Facebook. The photo had Tim Hortons Bagel with a large glob of butter (and when I say large it was one side of the bagel) and looked uneatable. One of the people on this persons Facebook wrote that they should tweet the photo (to twitter) so that Tim Hortons would be able to see what their customers are complaining about that they would respond within minutes. Subsequently the person did this and had Tim Hortons respond to the photo on Twitter and gave the person a $10 gift card.

O’Reilly believes that Web 2.0 is a collective intelligence which, as the anecdote above clearly illustrates. Our class also quite evidentially depicts this through our collaborative group discussions.

Web 2.0 is what the Internet has become but where it’s going I am not too sure, I am hoping that as user friendly as it is right now that we can get even more incorporated and mashable.


-Laura Daniel


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