Final Post

11 Apr

Alright so for my final post I am going to tell you about a few things that I liked and or didn’t like about the course.

Well firstly I am surprised at how many corporations don’t have a social media strategy in place. For example I just started working for a company who owns one of the malls here in London. They don’t have a social media strategy, they are planning on launching it this week. However, they haven’t begun to discuss the ideas of who is going to be constantly updating. They are first implementing Facebook and then moving on from there. I told them that I took this course and have a ton of experience with social media and would love to maintain the page. But they think that it will just be simple and someone can go on once a week to update and or respond to things. However it is for that reason i think their Facebook will fail dramatically. They also didn’t know that you can link Facebook to twitter. It is really frustrating knowing all of these things and not being able to share and put into practice what I know.

But there are other organizations like Starbucks who are doing it right. Good job starbucks.


Week 10 …The Cloud

28 Mar

Alright here we go.

My professor in my podcasting class uses a could as her way to show lecture notes. The other week she sent out the link for the entire class to see the slides, however, the login had to be hers. I don’t know what other people think but I think that working through the cloud is difficult because of privacy. Yes my prof can access her information anywhere but what if someone gets her login and its no longer secure. That is just for a professor, what if your a large company and someone manages to hack in and take all of the ideas that have been processed.

The internet isn’t secure. My roommate got a failing grade because she sent a report to her professor through a non secure e-mail. What she is supposed to do is go to a certain computer lab on campus and then send her professor her assignments through her uwo e-mail and even that isn’t secure. SHE FAILED the class because it was patient information and it wasn’t considered a secure site.

I think that while nothing is secure on the internet, not even the could, that if you want to share information that needs to stay secure, it is best to keep the information off the interweb. And if it is completely necessary, use an inter company email.

Week 9

20 Mar

So this week we talked about tagging in organizations and how it can be useful. I think that it is really limited by the organizations creativity. In my first essay I pointed out that VW used tagging in one of their Twitter campaigns in Brazil. The car company went from lower on the Twitter totem pole to the TOP of the Twitter world in Brazil due to their campaign. What they did was use Twitter and mashed it together with an interactive Google map that would zoom in more every time that the brand VW was Tweeted. Each time it zoomed the location of tickets for a massive concert sponsored by VW were zoomed in on and this happened with 12 different locations. I think that this was incredibly creative and very intelligent of VW to make the contest interactive. Not only did they become the most talked about, and it was a way of free advertising, but they managed to get a lot of involvement through “word of mouth.”

For myself I have experimented with tagging. I had a blog that I wanted to become well know, and adding tags to the posts made it more searchable on google! Here is my blog (its from 2009) Citizen 19 If you look at the first post on Gummy Bear Cupcakes you will notice that I added a lot of tags. Now if you go to google images and type in “Laura Daniel” my cupcakes for Gummy Bear Cupcakes is on the first page! How exciting. I always thought that if I could get on the first page of google or google images I would have done something outstanding. From this blog I managed to gain 11 000 followers from countries all around the world, and all in 4 short months. What a crazy thing that tagging can do. At the time when I made my blog there was a lot about Western and there was a lot of hype about cupcakes at the time. Because of the cupcake craze that was going on I also reached out to other cupcake blogs and said if you link me I will link you. This way I also gathered a lot of traffic. On top of that traffic, at one point when you typed in cupcake my butterfly cupcake managed to be on the front page of google images. While over time it did get farther and farther down the images page it was still a great accomplishment for myself and I was rather proud that tagging made me more searchable.

Companies can use tagging in so many ways to gain much needed following. It creates a persona where they become more searchable when it comes to google. Over all I would say that tagging is something that isn’t hard for a company to do and adds so much more to every post.



Week 8: Microblogging – Twitter newbee.

13 Mar

I believe it was last week that I signed up for Twitter. Not being the Twitter type of person I was reluctant to sign up for it. I don’t like doing microblogging as it were called because the part that gets a bad rap “I ate cereal for breakfast” is not really something I am interested in .

What can microblogging do for corporations?

Microblogging can provide information to consumers about upcoming products. It can also be a source of communication between the company and consumer. This can also be a place for the company to boast about what they’re doing in the community and world wide. There are a lot of things that a company can do through microblogging to get the word out rather than writing a long post on a blog or on their website. A microblog has the luxury of being informal. If a company posts on their website that they have a new product coming out, it isn’t the same as a quick tweet about it.

Personally I don’t post anything on microblogging sites, like I said I signed up for one the other week, but haven’t posted anything. What i do instead is follow other people or organizations to find out what is going on in the world. Currently I am following a few sports teams, so that when the game is on and I am busy I don’t have to be watching but I can rather go to Twitter and find out who did what during the game. The London Knights also do this for their hockey games, they post who scores and who made a good play. Its actually pretty cool that local city teams are getting into the spirit of microblogging. I find that a lot of their followers get really into the following. Like on of my friends checks his Twitter feed on a regular basis during hockey games just so that he knows who is winning. This mode of information is more up to date and can be done on the fly which is what the consumer really wants. I want my information as its happening, I don’t want to wait for the news papers to have to tell me whats going on the next day!

Thats me on Microblogging.

Week 7: Social networking

5 Mar

Alright so this week we learned about the vast number of social networking site. There was a site posted that is a breakdown of social networking site from 2010.

While this photo may be old, it isn’t obsolete by any means. In today’s society we are all still very Facebook, twitter, and flickr, there aren’t many sites that I have heard of besides pinterest that have been sweeping the social media seen on the web. I personally have Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn and Pinterest. I don’t find the need to have much more, these sites encompass everything that I think should be on the internet. For an organization I believe that they should have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a LinkedIn profile. They should have Facebook so that they can be where everyone is, they can get and give feedback, run contests, and let people know about upcoming events. They should have a Twitter account to give quick information that would be helpful to the customers. The LinkedIn profile should have professional information about the organization with links to the top people in the company, as well as new job postings.

This week’s assignment I had to make an account on a social media site that I didn’t have previously. I decided that since I didn’t have a Twitter account I should make one. For starters it wasn’t hard to sign up for but to be honest it isn’t for me. A lot of the people that I would follow or would follow me would have the post “I just ate breakfast” and this isn’t something I am interested in. Personal use and corporation use of social media are completely different but the two definitely depend on the other.

Until next week

Week 5 Mash-Ups

14 Feb

Okay so this week we talked about mash-ups, which I do really love, as well as non-text content. I enjoy pictures. This week the task was to edit google maps, which I did. I added “The Works Gourmet Burger” place to the map at 145 King Street London Ontario. This is my favorite place to eat so I thought I would share it. I added the actual restaurant to the map because I noticed it wasn’t there. I added the address, the phone number, website, and a brief description. This wasn’t hard to do at all, it was actually very straight forward… I also found a place to add photos which would be really cool if I actually did have a photo of the place. Okay so very straight forward.

I didn’t do the optional task this week and I will explain. I have never had good luck with my site on the UWO domain, I have tried to set it up several times, as well as going into IT to try and deal with the issues but it has never worked out, hence me saving my frustration.

My favorite mash-up to date is Pinterest, as I know it was talked about in the recent class chat. The best part about it is that you can keep all of your favorite things in one spot. I have a board where I planned my whole wedding, not that I am getting married anytime soon, but at least its all planned out! I also have things planned for my non existent house. I enjoy being able to capture things that people put on the internet and put them in my own space to save for later.

Until next week, I will mash-up some more things, maybe potatoes.

Week 4 Wikis

7 Feb

This week I got to thinking a lot about wikis. Not only because I had to for class and discussions but because of the office that I work in. A wiki would be a lot more convenient as a means of group conversation. Meetings are one thing but constantly sending replies to people becomes tedious. The only down side I can see to a wiki is that someone would take away everyone else’s ideas and and dominating the project.

What Wiki’s in Plain English tells us is that a wiki is a collaborative space for people to edit and save information on a certain topic. Wikipedia is the worlds largest encyclopedia and acts as the mecca of information on the internet. One important thing to note about Wikipedia is that some of the pages have been cut off from public editing. The reason for this is because constant incorrect or slanderous material being saved to a page. Nickleback is the site that I know about that has been cut off to public editing.

Another notable thing about Wikipedia is that there are experts who are constantly searching through content to make sure that everything is correct. It is also interesting the number of times that a site can be updated in one day. Not even a day, sometimes there are pages that are updated within hours.

Libraries could create a community wiki that would be a one-stop-shop for community information which is what Farkas says in her article.

The way that a library could step out of the typical “library” functional idea is that they could use the library as a forum for people in that hamlet of the city to inform them about what is happening, where things are located, and new events. I know that there is a need for this however, I also know that each city usually has a site that they can use to find out information so it may be a redundant function.

My personal view of wiki’s is that they are great for group collaboration. However, I don’t personally use them – other than wikipedia to find quick information.